For almost a year, I lived in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of West Oakland, California. The daily loops of driving to work and going for runs allowed me to observe the massive changes going on at street level. Daily, as I passed by new construction, changing signs and graffiti, movements of people and cars and objects, I started to piece together narratives about how this place was changing.

I've since moved away, but recently I returned to West Oakland through Google Street View, which has documented these streets every six months since 2007. Driving around virtually, I'm similarly able to create narratives about how West Oakland has and is changing. Street View images also become my material for telling these narratives. I collage screen shots from different points in time into a single panoramic photograph, making the changes visible in a single moment. What emerges is a view of West Oakland, not captured in time, but in the midst of change.

Although I haven’t lived in West Oakland for over a year, I remain conflicted and preoccupied with my time there. Moving through these streets makes me feel, at once, like a voyeur and deeply implicated. Distant and intimate.

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